A Scandal at Eastwick by L.C. Warman

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When Lia returns home to St. Clair to regroup after a failed stint in Hollywood, she just wants to avoid seeing anyone from her past. But when her ex-boyfriend’s mother, Paulette McKenzie, is blackmailed days after Lia’s arrival, Lia finds herself the immediate suspect—and drawn back into the web of lies and secrets of St. Clair.


After leaving St. Clair at age eighteen to pursue her dreams in Hollywood, 29-year-old Lia Logan returns home with nothing but dozens of failed auditions under her belt. She’s determined to lay low: a brief house-sitting gig over the holiday break will give her enough money to move east and find a new job (and a new life).

But to Lia’s horror, the owners of the house, the Eastwicks, have not canceled their annual holiday party—meaning Lia must now see everyone from her (now very successful) high school friends to the ex-boyfriend she dumped right before she left.

The night turns into a disaster: Lia’s ex-boyfriend’s mother, Paulette McKenzie, is blackmailed at the party, and she immediately points the finger at Lia. The problem is, Lia does know a secret about Paulette. And there’s no convincing the woman—or any of the other partygoers—that she had nothing to do with it.

As the blackmail escalates, Lia must dig through the guests at the party to determine what each of them is hiding and piece together what exactly happened that night, including talking to Paulette’s shifty older son, Lia’s ex’s extremely successful new girlfriend, and Lia’s group of high school friends, who have been acting strangely distant and closed off.

It doesn’t take long for Lia to remember: St. Clair is a town full of secrets. And to clear her name, she’ll have to risk revealing one of her own.

A SCANDAL AT EASTWICK is the second novel in the mystery trilogy “The Eastwick Mansion Mysteries.” Each novel in the trilogy is a complete standalone, featuring a different story taking place in the Eastwick mansion in St. Clair. The complete trilogy includes:


Praise for L.C. Warman's Works: 

“Captivating” -Kirkus Reviews

“An intriguing blend of realism and reflection, unsettling discoveries and natural consequences” -Foreword Reviews



L.C. Warman is the author of the St. Clair mystery series. She grew up in New England, in a town where real estate contracts stipulated that you couldn’t back out if you discovered your new place was haunted. She currently lives in a Michigan lakeside town with her husband and two dogs.


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